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    Together we can make a difference

    Feb 10 2017

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    February is Dental Health Month

    Jan 30 2017

    February is pet dental health month. Most pets need annual dental cleanings to maintain oral health. By maintaining a healthy mouth, your pet can live an average of 5 additional…

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    PawPrints ID/Microchipping

    Aug 11 2014

    Clio Animal Hospital wants to help you keep your pets healthy and safe! There’s nothing more heartbreaking than a lost pet, so we offer PawPrints ID in addition to microchipping.…

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    PawPrints ID

    Jul 01 2014

    The Fourth of July is almost upon us, which is great for us but many of our four legged friends dislike this holiday. More pets go missing on July 4th…

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    Puppy Socialization

    Mar 25 2014

    The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) recently released a position paper ( outlining the importance of early puppy socialization, preferably before the puppy reaches 12 to 16 weeks…

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    Laser Therapy

    Dec 14 2012

    Consider the Benefits of Laser Therapy! Quite simply, patients who suffer from any combination of pain. inflammation, or slow-healing wounds benefit from laser therapy. Laser Therapy has been successful in…

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    Dec 25 2011

    Come Talk To Us About Nutrition!!! We have some great handouts to share that will clear up some of the mystery of reading pet food labels. There are so many…

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    Puppy Class

    Sep 27 2011

    PUPPY SOCIALIZATION CLASSES are on select Saturdays each month from 1:00 to 2:00. Pre-registration is required to ensure we have enough puppies for proper socializing. For more information, Please call…

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    Wellness Profiles

    Sep 27 2011

    We offer “wellness” blood testing when your pet is here for its annual exam. These tests screen the “inside” of your pet to give us a more complete picture of…

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    Aug 02 2011

    The AVMA posts details about recalls of pet food at